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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Tobago gybe
Just another gybe in the crowded Tobago waters

Diary summary statistics

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By Sail
By Board/sail
VenuesBoard / sail sizeTotal
Christchurch  11   2
Lepe & Calshot     1 1
Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay11 2  26
Hayling Island    1  1

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Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 10/08/08

Rating:1 star rating
Board:76 litres

Arrived at the beach lateidh due to other commitments. to see Jonathan going out for one last run.

Rigged small and very flat and went out for a couple of runs, but was a touch over powered. So gave up in fairly short order.

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 03/08/08

Rating:1 star rating
Board:0 litres

AHHHHHH. As fast as I could rig and get a run in on the kit the wind dropped. Consequently spent the entire time rerigging and blobbing around.

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 02/08/08

Rating:2 star rating
Board:85 litres

What a great sail, the waves were justright and providing plenty of opportunities for practicing cut backs. Then the tables turned and my UJ split just of off Lee. So a long swim in followed by a long walk.

All in all a day of 2 halves, shame they were the 2 halve of my UJ.

Christchurch on 19/06/08

Rating:3 star rating
Board:85 litres

Dragged the kit back out of the van, still damp from yesterday. Nearly forgotten how that feels.

Really good sail from Avon Beach, just blattering around and chucking the kit around a few corners, so nothing extraordinary just nicely settled.

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 18/06/08

Rating:2 star rating
Board:85 litres

Got out on the water for an hour or so. The wind was definitly on the variable side. One moment You were wallowing and the next flying. Spent the entire session trying to judge when to gybe so that I could stay in the wind.

Not the most satisfying sail but at least it was a sail and on the small board.

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 07/06/08

Rating:3 star rating
Board:116 litres

i did not expect much of a turn out for thisone, due to the poor forcast. So was verey pleasantly surprised with a good turn out of old hands and a few not so old hands (Nayra and Ella).

The majority of the day was spent watching mark practice his frrestyle and the locals with 10m plus rigs planing. Still when the sea breeze kicked in I was allowed out to play and had a really good sail and that I had not forgotten too much.

Spent the evening in the Crofton pub which was a bit of a gamble as I had never been there before. Still I expect to return in the future so must have been OK.

Lee on Solent, Hillhead & Stokes Bay on 10/11/07

Rating:3 star rating
Board:116 litres

Arrived late, not surprising as we live the nearest to Titchfield Haven. So i riggd up as every one elese was coming off the water. Slightly underpowered to start with but the wind picked up a notch after the first few runs leaving me comfortably powered up and with most of the solent to play in with only 1 other board and 2 kites.

Hayling Island on 28/07/07

Rating:3 star rating
Board:116 litres

As flat as Hayling is ever going to be, with the very occasional swell line roll through to provide some excellent jump ramps. The 6.4 was a bit marginal but with a bit of effort fitted the bill nicely. All in all a good day to practice the manouveres. Most remember if I make the first duck gybe to stop as I always mess up the rest.

Lepe & Calshot on 16/06/07

Rating:2 star rating
Board:116 litres

having just returned from windsurfing in Turkey,Sarah went out on the 5m and found conditions a little lumpy. So when she returned I launched on the trust biggest board and 6.5 for some nice blasting around. the water had completeluy flattened off by then so gybing practice was generally in order. That said there was a few ramps drifting by which you could get some nice air from.

The water is definitly warm enough for a summer suit now, as i sailed with a very large tear in the front of my wet suit with no ill effects.

Christchurch on 12/05/07

Rating:4 star rating
Board:85 litres

2 1/2hours of pure bliss, before my arms fell off.

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