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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


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Diary summary statistics

By Board
By Sail
By Board/sail
VenuesBoard sizeTotal
Pagham    11             2
Cornwall   12   1  1       5
North Devon     1    2        3
Poole        1       1 13
Denmark          1        1
Cabo Verde         41   1 2  8
Sydney, Australia      63         2 11
Hayling Island311123  1 1 21 23 223
Shoreham   1               1
South Devon (Bigbury)              1    1

Each cell shows number of sessions, click on a cell for more details.

Hayling Island on 13/10/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:74 litres

This was an ilicit lliaison on a friday. It was sunny, warm and the water was whipping up with the wind as it built up over the day...A southern cross mental health day, as kiwi steve called them. Thanks to some supportive enthusiasm from a fellow windsurfer, stole the gear from the van and popped it into the new car showing reckless abandon for the leather seats - it is supposed to be a 4x4 anyway...! and got to the beach and back in time for school pick up and no one would ever know ,,,

Poole on 08/07/12

poole pirates
Connar, Ben, Sebastian, Rafael, Andreas loving the sunshine and water and playing pirates
Rating:2 star rating
Board:144 litres

Grateful for a break in the downpour, Bramblebush was a lovely enticing place, and uncharacteristically abandoned due to the poor weather on saturday and in surrounding areas. We had a lovely day with Connar and Justin and STeve and Leuda, and Jim the SUP/surfer and Tim visiting from Australia. The square and compass the night before was lively and there was some hangover in the air, and it was Leuda's birthday!!!! only 18 again... Justin got almost all his toys out, enjoying the SUP and then the 10.4m and a big board. We loved testing our new SUP and the boys all played together in the shallows on their boogeyboards and with water pistols. The 6.9 caned the 10.4!!! Tim had a go playing on British flatwater and seemed to enjoy it.

Added by rogerta on 14/07/12

What a weekend for Tim to visit the UK - he must have been well impressed ;).

Bet it put those Sydney conditions to shame - ha ha ha!!

Added by Tim on 27/07/12

I will admit it! Aussie sailors are soft and spoiled. You guys sail in extremes!! Super strong winds, driving rain, beaches full of stones .... how do you do it?

Added by rogerta on 27/07/12

Its rather perverse Tim because out of all of us, Gen (an Ozzy) is probably the toughest of the lot - hard as nails that girl!!! Had three kids in the morning, went windsurfing in the afternoon - put another tinny on the barbie mate...

Puts us poms to shame!!

Poole on 07/07/12

Knoll Beach, National Trust, Studland
Rating:2 star rating
Board:87 litres

The pouring rain and wind direction made Bramblebush unentertaining, so with the weather deterring most guests, we tried the National Trust Knoll Beach spot together with Steve and Leuda - and it was great! It was abandoned, almost, thanks to the weather and there is a nice shape to the beach and it is sandy and had the potential for little wavelets, so it was nice. The cafe is handy! Highly recommended for another visit, it was lovely in the SW.

Hayling Island on 23/06/12

Hayling Late 23 June spring winds 
windy early morning due to high tide at 3pm. Solstice is over and the countdown to darkness begins...
Rating:3 star rating
Board:87 litres

It was windy and we had to get down early to avoid high tide. A nice surprise was that Steve G. beat us all onto the water and when we arrived at 10, he was in changing his gear around. He was happy and enjoying the great sailing. Heather and Bill were also out. It was my turn, as Juan sailed on Friday night and did his highest jump ever apparently, while I was reading bed time stories with the boys. It was ok and I got out to the sandbar. The 5.4 was cranked down as really should have had 5.0 and when the wind picked up another force it was clearly powered up. Juan's Naish is nice, nearly as nice as mine...The waveshapes were small, closely packed and some odd refractions going in all directions, so a bit of jumping with care and that was it really. Felt a pang for Bracklesham or Shoreham...next time...Came in at high tide for a break.

Shoreham on 16/06/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:74 litres

This would have been rated a best ever for Shoreham, except for the mast which snapped suddenly at the outside gybe mark....Big, Big, Big Eternal Gratitude and Thanks to the kind gents who helped me, local Phil who made sure I got back to shore as it was looking a bit iffy and it meant I didn't have to ditch any gear to ensure arrival on the beach rather than a long offshore visit to Neptune, and Ollie who helped me trudge back the mile back to the launch spot with my broken, flapping rig and board.

It was a good idea to watch the tide go down a bit and enjoy the fun of watching the AB lemmings, doing some sailing course and throwing themselves at the mercy of the shorebreak - it is merciless!!!! Think Brighton PWA and that Hayling wind festival shore dump, making minnows of the brightest and best

Mistakenly rigged 4.4 held it up on the beach, or rather failed to hold it up on the beach, and went straight back for 3.7 and really selfishly wished I had made space for my 69L in the van rather than 3 bikes...

Lots of wavy stuff and lots of high grade sailors out there riding it. I tried a few high jumps and backie and a few rides with nice turns down and around but ended up a long way down wind from these and I promise myself to put a bigger fin in that middle slot to help this struggle upwind.

It was noticably OMWC Ladies day at Shoreham- and it was great to sail with Emma, and Audrey, and I think if Carol had stayed until low tide she might have gone out on a smaller sail - so next time Carol!!!

Shoreham is awesome!

This windy, sunny and dry weather, *none too warm, but who cares, made an excellent fathers day weekend surprise and shows that the best things in life are not things.... Sunday looks promising too.

Denmark on 05/06/12

mid -Danish -duck Juanito
Lynaes gives a great bank holiday
Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

A lovely ride in the Danish waters of Lynaes on the northern beaches, near my parent's house in Frederiskvaerk, North of Copenhagen. Even the boys thought it was a great place to play. We met a German couple who had crossed from Rorvig for the day to kitesurf, they were also holidaying for the week with their kids. A great carpark and lovely rigging and playing area, with a nice mini-supermarket with fresh bread nearby. It was lovely sailing back and forth and hopping off the bigger chop further out. Decided a winter wetsuit was safer though kept barefeet. The flat inside where it got shallower was great for duck gybes etc. Except for a missing sandbar, it could be called the Hayling of the north. Thanks to the windgods we will probably get to visit danmark again - maybe klitmoller this time?

Poole on 07/05/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:116 litres

We stopped at Poole on the way back as it was howling at macdonalds in Dorchester at lunch. It seemed ok but the current was a bit too much. One other guy launched on what looked like brand new race gear - big sail. I could have been better off with a 6.7 slalom but was mostly planing. Wow it would have been amazing with just a little more wind as the shapes made just off the beach were perfect. Getting that 116 right off the water every now and again. Which can be a bit scary when the board is that big. But, no, the wind was just a bit on and then a bit off. Still, the challenge was made by the lifeguard to keep out of the flags areas, which fill most of the gaps in the groynes, so that made it more interesting, and the current made it hard to keep up wind or get back to launch spot. So plenty of training! And a tack or two just for Jem.

South Devon (Bigbury) on 05/05/12

Rating:2 star rating
Board:105 litres

The new pink firefly! A locely tantalising day with the sun sparkling on nice shapes that we just couldn't quite ride on due to the direction and them being so small and on the edge. The cold northern direction of the wind carrying the cool essence of dartmoor out of the river mouth made the fingertips very chilly. Great fun sailing with Nic. He even let me swap and try his 105L quad. Smooth and definitely a wavetrapper. Not really going to plane unless you force it to, but any ripple makes it show it's true skill and it snaps into turns. I want one. Maybe...please?

Cornwall on 10/04/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:87 litres

Sailing under the mount always seems so adventurous as if there is a knight in shining armour somewhere. Today there was corrugated iron and sunshine with a gusty and wayward wind that kept shifting by a good 25 degrees every now and again. But it was good enough to have some fun and games and that's what everyone did. The tide changed the game across the course of the day but generally the ridges kept on coming nice and evenly. A lovely day - just a few more degrees and I might take off my boots, but still too nippy for my twinkle toes.

Cornwall on 09/04/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:74 litres

Gwythian goat track in the rain ... Is this the trailer for some horror film? Good wind strength but a lot of rain and low tide so the thighs are trimmer. The trek was worth it! A bit gusty but waves and every now and again the groundswell at a funny 30 degree angle to the beach with nice shapes but the ability to snap everything, with a nice wide face and lots of room for turns. Struggled a bit getting used to a new board in that wind - was I blown out at first or did I need a bigger fin? Why are the footstraps so small even when set as big as possible- all while flying through whitewater and turning on waves. Multitasking! But Godrevy watched over a good session and the last for many who all went back driving in 6 hours of constant rain. Steve wood broke his mast on the first run so got the glory of being he who climbed the trail most. But it was perhaps an honour deserved being due to a forward on the first run. Do I sound jealous?

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