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National Windsurfing Championships 2018
Iona receiving her trophy from Guy Cribb having come first in her fleet (4.5m)


Mast Cam WA
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Poole on 09/05/14

Rating:4 star rating
Board:125 litres

Got out this afternoon for the first time in ages.

Nice and windy and the sun was out too!

Poole on 03/11/13

Rating:4 star rating
Board:125 litres

Had good morning down at Poole.
Wind was a steady Westerly 22+ Knots with a bit of chop to spice up the runs.
Can't quite believe we're into November and managing to get some sailing in... long may the windy/mild Autumn continue.

Poole on 26/10/13

Poole Harbour
Rating:3 star rating
Board:99 litres

Got down to the Harbour nice and early on Saturday morning.
It was going to get windy... Right?
There was a storm coming in from the West.
Things started slow, not a windy as I hoped with my 5.4 just about getting me going.
Picked up a bit after a while and got a few runs in... in between the torrents of rain.
Wind seemed to come and go after that so headed home about 2ish.
Never really got that windy.
On a plus the water was warmer this week for some reason.

Couldn't make Sunday...or should that be BIG Sunday?
From what I hear it was Ballistic!

Poole on 20/10/13

Waiting for the promised wind
Rating:3 star rating
Board:125 litres

Busy down at the Harbour, lots of people made the effort as the forecast was looking good.
Didn't quite live up to the S/SW 20+knots forecast with lulls and heavy rain showers reducing visibility to about twenty feet - great when you're flat out!
Still enjoyed myself for a few hours until my fingers and lips went numb!
The water felt a lot colder this week... must be getting old.

Poole on 22/06/13

Rating:3 star rating
Board:97 litres

Nice and windy, S/W about 20kts.
Got out on the water quite early where the wind was picking up.
Had some good runs but it started to get a bit flukey after lunch.
Nice to get out my smaller kit for a change.

Poole on 11/05/13

Rating:3 star rating
Board:125 litres

Had 3 hours or so down at Poole Harbour this morning
Got in a few decent runs on my Rocket with a Ezzy 6.5
Quite windy at times, but got a bit flukey about 12 noon
As I was packing up it then got windy again
Great to see so many people down there, there were more Windsurfers than tea baggers, which is good to see!

fuerteventura on 01/08/12

Rene Egli Windsurf Centre II
Rene Egli Centre II ...Massive stock of new Starboard and Neil Pryde kit
Rating:5 star rating
Board:130 litres

Just back from our Summer Hols over in Fuerteventura.

Whilst over there I managed to get 3 hours down at the 'World Famous' Sotavento beach.

I had an absolute blast, over powered with a 3.9 and a 130 litre board, (the only Board they had left!)... and loved every minute of it.
Really busy beach, a safe lagoon/sand bar to stop the off shore wind sending you all the way to the West coast of Africa, crystal clear blue sea, the stuff of dreams.
Well worth the visit.

Next time I'm going to stay at Sotavento the week!

Poole on 01/07/12

Rating:3 star rating
Board:135 litres

Had a couple of hours with my 15 year old Daughter 'teaching' her the art of Beach starts.
She did well for only her 2nd time on a Board.

It was quite windy and a lot of people were out on the water, 6.0 meter weather I guess.

The good thing is, she still wants to go Windsurfing again, so keeping up the training as much as possible. Got to get the 'young ones' involved in such a great sport.

Added by rogerta on 01/07/12

Most kids are going straight into teabagging so good on ya for keeping her on the straight and narrow. This sport definitely needs some young blood.

Added by flyingspudd on 01/07/12

Very true, too many of the younger generation are being drawn to te dark side (teabagging) ...
This T15 idea seems a good way to go for youngetsrs. There was quite a few down at Sandbanks today...
Think the Waterports Acadamy help out.

Poole on 16/06/12

Rating:4 star rating
Board:125 litres

Had a couple of hours of windy madness down at Sandbanks Saturday, which is the 2nd Saturday in a row for me.
A strong S/W wind, really gusty at times. Lots a people on the water, good to see so many others out Windsurfing.
Needed to get in the straps quick to have any chance of staying on!

Great stuff... may the good old British 'summer time' continue!

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