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Diary summary statistics

By Board
By Sail
By Board/sail
VenuesBoard sizeTotal
Cornwall    2  6   8
Weymouth       1   1
Southend on Sea       1   1
Tankerton Bay, Kent    1  3   4
Camber Sands    1      1
Poole1   4  92  16
Whitstable    5  51  11
Lepe & Calshot       521 8
Hayling Island  1 3  71  12
fuerteventura 2 2 11   17

Each cell shows number of sessions, click on a cell for more details.

Poole on 23/07/17

Rating:3 star rating
Board:138 litres

Sunday headed back to Bramblebush. Again, no one around, so we went back to the harbour for another sail in equally miserable weather. Eva did great again, even managed to use the harness and experience the pain of catapults! I practised slow speed gybes and fast tacks.

Poole on 22/07/17

Another awesome kid
Rating:3 star rating
Board:138 litres

Eva and I in the van for the weekend. Spent the night on Hayling and headed to Poole Saturday morning. Sailed with Eva in Poole harbour in pretty miserable conditions: overcast, cold, rainy and the usual. Eva did a great job despite the lumpy harbour waters. In the afternoon we took the ferry and went to Bramblebush. No sign of OMWC, so we went for a walk. Spent the night at Primrose farm campsite.

Lepe & Calshot on 16/07/17

A bunch of awesome kids
Rating:4 star rating
Board:138 litres

Master plan worked today!

Lucas was out happily sailing for two hours - joined by Rorry and Iona half-way through. Rorry was the only one planing, but I didn't care, cause I was fast-tacking non-stop - although I wasn't planing, which makes fast-tacking sound like a bit of an oxymoron, but never mind. The point is that I was tacking!

The small sail was deliberate, so that I could keep a close eye on Lucas, so I seized the opportunity for some much-needed low speed practice.

Kids were very impressive! Long gone the days when we used to beg them to have another go in the lagoon!

Great to see everyone over the weekend.

John, hope you feel better!

Lepe & Calshot on 15/07/17

Rating:2 star rating
Board:120 litres

Overcast, full of holes. Managed to plane for a while, but the on and off action made the whole thing tiring.

The plan to get Lucas out there failed due to the cold/wave/wind combo. After a few failed attempts packed up and got back to the campsite for marshmallow smores.

Whitstable on 10/06/17

First sail in Whitstable
Rating:5 star rating
Board:138 litres

The eagle eyed amongst the club members might notice the odd board/sail combo. Add to that the 5 stars rating and this seems to be a peculiar diary entry. Let me explain...

The 5 stars rating is because for the first time ever, and after 4 years of agonising coaching and paying for courses, Lucas has become competent enough to windsurf unaided, so he and I windsurfed together for 45 minutes. This also explains my big board and small sail. Lucas was on a 123lt. Kode Tufskin and a 1.5m sail - it was windy!

Eva and Lucas just completed the RYA Stage 3 windsurfing course and know enough now to manage sailing on flat water, tacking, gybing and using a harness and footstraps. So the plan is that whenever the weather and our schedule allow it, I will be taking one child at a time to Whitstable to sail together - Lucas was first.

The sail was great for me as well, as I practiced some much needed low speed gybing and tacking, clew-first sailing etc.

Next is Eva's turn.

Rory, watch out!

Cornwall on 30/05/17

Rating:3 star rating
Board:120 litres

First sail of the year! After 4 days of overcast misery, cold, rain, fog and no wind, Daymer bay decided we deserved a break and gave us 3 hours of amazing sunshine and a nice westerly breeze. I only caught the end of it though, so planing was a bit patchy. Nevertheless, the bay was as awesome as always. I also tried my new summer wetsuit, a vast improvement to my previous one, bought in 1997! Like Ned Flanders said: "feels like I'm wearning, nothing at all..."

Weymouth on 28/08/16

Rating:4 star rating
Board:120 litres

Marcou family spent the long weekend en masse in Weymouth. Friday night we stayed on Hayling and headed west on Saturday morning. Most of our weekend was spent on the Billy Winters car park where we also joined forces with Dave S. and family.

Saturday was uneventful with almost non-existent wind. Fortunately, Sunday was windy for most of the day. It was my first time out in Portland Harbour since 1997! Despite the grey skies, the rain, my sprained right hand and the near-decapitation by a kite?s lines, I had a great long session practising gybes, fully powered on flat water. I actually counted, and during my first hour out I only missed 10% of my gybe attempts! For the rest of the session complacency kicked in and while quality went up the success rate went down. Sarah filmed someone who looked like me, but she is not sure as she forgot her glasses. Will have to check the videos to confirm. Sunday afternoon was spent in the sunshine watching through the binoculars two kite-surfers being rescued after the wind dropped.

Missed a great SUP opportunity on Monday morning but we had to leave early to avoid the traffic back to London.

Poole on 21/08/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:120 litres

On Sunday the wind dropped and changed to almost on-shore which made it kinda tricky to go out. Wind was very light at first so going heavily upwind was not an option. At some point I had a narrow escape after my sail scraped the nose of a moored sailboat towards the ferry-end of the beach. Soon enough the wind picked up though and I sailed out towards Brownsea were I managed about an hour's worth of planing in semi flat water. Frequent holes kept the frustration levels slightly close to the red. Sarah shot a great video of me not planing. Nice posture though!

Poole on 20/08/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:95 litres

Whole family went down to Poole along with some non-windsurfing friends. Spent Friday night on Hayling but I didn't plan things properly and missed out on an early Saturday morning sail (people were out from 7am). Headed to Poole expecting wind in the teens as forecasted, but found gails in the deep twenties and beyond once we got there. Kids were first to hit the water on a 1.5m but the session was short due to the strong current pushing them against the barges. I went out on a 4.7m and despite the outlandish gusts it was not that bad for a while. There were hardly any holes, a refreshing experience after Fuerte's constant extreme ups and downs. Club presence was rather thin with only Andrew around. But in the evening we found David C and his sons at the campsite so the kids were busy playing until late. Our friend's VW's awning provided a handy shelter from the rain when the time came to cook and eat.

Hayling Island on 07/08/16

Rating:3 star rating
Board:120 litres

My 60th sail since I joined OMWC!!!!!

First hour in the water: Overcast, cold-ish, no planing, watching a few others plane.
Second hour in the water: Overcast, cold-ish, still no planing, tried a few slow gybes and fast tacks, mostly failed.
Third hour in the water: Sunny, warm, kit spot on at first (pulled a few awesome gybes), but as the afternoon progressed both the wind and the lumps became a bit overwhelming. And with the kids locked in the van for hours, I decided to call it a day.

Also, bumped into a bunch of club people, Heather, Bill, John, Jon and Andrew!

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